Hello DJO Team,
Motorola Droid (Verizon version 2.1-update1)
DJO Release v1.6.0 BETA (7/27/2010) (Paid/Registered)
Companion Link Version 4.0 Build 4005
Outlook 2003 (Office Pro Suite)

1. Phone ->> Updated DJO to 1.6.0
2. PC Companion Link ->> Outlook is Primary Database
3. PC Companion Link ->> Set to "Purge and Reload" all (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks)
4. Performed Sync

Problem: Records in Outlook with Recurrence set to "The Last Weekday of Every 1 Months" are not displaying correctly.
Entries for August 2010 display on Mon, Aug 30 (instead of Tue, Aug 31)
Entries for September 2010 display on Mon, Sep 27 (instead of Thu, Sep 30)
Entries for October 2010 display on Mon, Oct 25 (instead of Fri, Oct 29)

Thanks for all your work...