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Thread: Alarm and Search Issues: DJO v2.3.x

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    I tried updating to DJO 2.3.5 and indeed the alarms seems to ring only once, but never repeated again. I also found that DJO was crashing repeatedly when I would try and launch the DJO "home screen" while a repeating alarm was supposed to be ringing. I've rolled back to 2.3.4 again.
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    In my case I have dismissed alarms repeating ...

    BUT: The screen showing a list of current alarms shows the wrong time of appointments! The GMT is shown (eg 6:45) and not my local time (8:45). On the "individual" alarm screen the time is correct.

    EDIT: It's not a wrong Timezone, but the time of the alarm! Wouldn't it make (more) sense to show the date and time of the event and not of the alarm set?

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