I believe all my problems started with the last update to 2.3.1 on 11/13/12, at least I haven't had the problems for the previous years that I've used DejaOffice. Device - Motorola Droid2 Global. Sync via USB with Companion Link.

Problems I've noticed:
When attempting to sync the phone begins its sync, and opens sync on pc. In the past there was a message on phone and pc that says sync is finished and press OK, then a final sync on phone would occur stating it had completed and the phone would unmount. Now only the pc gives me the message regarding sync is finished and to press OK. The first couple of times I thought I had missed the message on the phone, but its not occurring and when I go to use any DejaOffice app shortcut on the phone it says they are not installed. And DejaOffice doesn't appear in my apps list. I can restart the phone and they are there again to be used and will open, but nothing synced. It appears that other apps actually aren't there too until I restart after attempting to sync, with the only common element of this occurring being the attempted sync.

Also, ringtones that have been assigned no longer work. They are still assigned to the contact, but ring something completely different, even after re-assigning them.

Please help, I need my contacts and calendar to sync so that I'm not lost.