Hey all,

I'm using Deja Office on an older HTC Desire with limited memory, and got a message today that my space was low on the device. To try and free some space, I moved Deja Office to the SD card. But after moving the application, I was unable to sync.

I am using the Direct USB (Mass Storage Mode) sync method. And when I start the sync, it appears to start normally for a brief moment, then the Android returns to the home screen. And at this point, all applications that are on the SD card are no longer available, including Deja Office. The only way to free them up is to unplug the USB cable from the Android, and everything resets.

After moving the application back to the phone, the problems disappears.

I'm using Deja Office version 2.3.3

Hopefully this is an issue that can be corrected, so I can recover some memory on my device.