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Thread: Dups in Android contact lookup

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    Dups in Android contact lookup

    It seems DJO folks have been working on sync issues forever. I just got a new Droid Razr Maxx HD phone. I'm syncing via wifi, which seems to work pretty good. I set 'contacts to display' on my phone to Dejaoffice and it matches what is seen in the Dejaoffice app for contacts. So far, so good. When I use another app, say Gallery, and I want to 'share' a pic, the app displays the contacts and then I see dups.

    I noticed that the 'phone' contacts is not kept in sync, as I see items I've deleted in Outlook and the Dejaoffice contacts is fine.

    I've tried rebuilding, resyncing, deleting the contacts, everything, but I can't get everything lined up. And, yes, I have turned off the sync for these account's contacts in 'settings'.

    Anyone have ideas?

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    Augie, to prevent dups, I always set the option to 'wipe all records' before doing a sync. Now, there might be some minor ramifications to doing that. I haven't noticed any yet.

    Mobile Device and OS - Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket - SGH-I727, OS = Ice Cream v4.0.4
    DejaOffice version# - 2.3.1 (367)
    CompanionLink build # - 5068
    Data Manager App (Outlook ACT! PalmDesktop etc..) - Outlook
    Sync Method with CompanionLink - DejaConnet USB
    DejaOffice Sync Settings for Contacts and Calendar. -

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    DJO only keeps one native account up to date, the one you set it to sync to in its settings. If your contacts are in another native account as well, then you will see dups.
    I suggest to wipe all other native accounts except the one that is set to be in sync with DJO.
    Google Pixel, Android 9.0 German, DJO 4.4.9 (1076)
    Office: Win10 x64, Outlook 365 (v2016, up to date) German, CL Express 7050 --- Local WiFi sync --- manual syncing, daily
    Home: Win10 x64, Outlook 365 (v2016, up to date) German, CL Express 7050 --- Local WiFi sync --- manual syncing, occasionally
    Syncing to native Android contacts (DJO account), not syncing to native Android calendar

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