I use Outlook BCM and have successfully synced DJO to BCM using comapionlink.
The 'Accounts' in BCM appear in the DJO and native contact list with the 'ACCT:' prefix
This is fine, but any Contacts that are linked to an Account do not show in the DJO Account entry. They show as seperate contacts in the DJO and native contact list.
To find which Contacts are linked to a particular Account, I have to manually type in the Account name.
My idea is for a long press on the particular Acct: in the listing to offer an option to search for that Account name. Of course, the preceding 'ACCT: ' would need to be automatically removed by DJO. If this was incorporated, it would allow quick and easy searching for linked Account Contacts.
Much better of course would be an option to show the linked Contacts in the Acct: entry, but I suspect that that is a more onerous task.
Either way, it is important to be able to see both companies (Accounts) and a list of Contacts at each company.
Any thoughts?