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Thread: Feature request for Android Jelly Bean

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    Feature request for Android Jelly Bean

    I always try to use latest versions of software, including Android versions. So starting from 4.0 to 4.2 there are lots of new very usable features:
    1. Expandable notifications. For example when you receive SMS, you can make some actions right from notifications bar. As for DjO it can be very useful to dismiss/snooze alarm right from notification bar.
    2. Lock screen widgets. Simply ability to see widgets on lockscreen. And this widgets can be expandable. you can see how gmail widget works. This is very useful.
    Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 stock 4.2.2
    DejaOffice v2.5.1
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    I am currently test a custom version of Dejaoffice and notes along with it seem suggest that lock screen widgets are coming soon.

    Motorola Moto G5 Android 8.1.0
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    Lenovo Tab 4 8
    DJO 4.4.11(1131)
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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