The mount/unmount process is not good for Android 2.1 :
1/ If the SD is unmounted, then the SD is mounted/unmounted during the sync process. Thats's OK.
2/ If the SD is already mounted, I got the message "The Cal, Tasks and Notes will be available only at the end of syncing process (= French translation)" on my mobile and when I sync, the SD is unmounted, mounted and unmounted again at the end. Very bad ! DJO works as it was alone !!!

I need to do file synchronization with my mobile with a mounted SD, but it's impossible to access the SD and to synchronize or see the DJO Cal, Tasks and Notes at the same time !?!!

Could you, at least, stop to unmount the SD if it was already mounted for other purposes ?
Better would be to have access to DJO with a mounted SD...


Windows XP SP3 / Outlook 2003 SP3 / CL Pro 4.0.4006 / Samsung Galaxy S / Android 2.1 / DJO 1.6.0b