a few days ago I hat a quite strange problem with a task: There was an alarm in DO pending (remind screen), I changed the task (alos it's name!) in Outlook and started a sync WITHOUT dismissing the alarm. I did this, because I did not want to change the task in DO but wanted a sync from Outlook to DO.

After this, the alarm still popped up with the old name (!), but there was no window to dismiss. Only the sound was there and the small symbol in the notification bar. This repeated every 5 in (I'm using persistent alarms).

Because I had no chance to edit/delete the old task or dismiss the alarm, I shut down DO in Androids task manager and deleted the file "alarms.db". After a restart of the phone, this file was created again and the "ghost alarm" was gone.

BUT, now I do not get persistent alarms any more. Old events (appointments and tasks) bring up only one alarm-screen (but no info-symbol ...) and ring only once.

The system works for new created events.

Any idea? (Why) isn't there any "button" to reset the alarm system?