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Thread: Report for persisting bugs, hope can fix ASAP

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    Report for persisting bugs, hope can fix ASAP

    Hi there

    I want to reiterate the bugs keep frustrating me, and look forward to seeing bug fix version soon.

    1. DejaCloud sync cannot sync the photo
    2. The sync (USB sync, Cloud sync have same problem) will lose some "+" before the country code, say +82-12345678 is stored in Android DJO, after sync (via USB sync to outlook and via Dejacloud to another Android device) will lose the "+", this problem will affect some record (about 1/3), not all record
    3. If I have "Car phone" inputted in the outlook, after sync, it will show in the Android DJO, however, cannot edit (this field is not shown in edit mode)
    4. The photo shrink in contact record view mode (list view is normal)
    5. Search doesn't search result from Nickname field
    6. The DejaConnectUSB sync never work for me

    My config:
    Android device A: Samsung Note (GT-N7000) Android OS 4.03
    Android device B: Samsung Tab 8.9 (GT-P7300) Android OS 4.03
    PC: Windows 7 X64 (English, system locale Chinese PRC) (H/W Intel Ivybridge), Outlook 2010 (all english version)

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