In planning what tasks should be completed and in what order, I have found that it is possible when clicking on the due date in the Dejatasks listing to change the status. For example, I may change the status to "Next" and then using the group by capability to group tests by status, all of those tasks that I have input a status of next are then grouped together.

There is one problem with this that during the next synchronization with Outlook, that manual status of "next" is replaced with the Outlook status.

Could this be programmatically handled with the logic that if the status field is blank then DejaOffice android will allow the Outlook status but if the status field is occupied, no matter what is there, it will ignore a status field update from Outlook? Note: it would be nice if Outlook allowed the manual update of its status field as well, but I'm sure Microsoft is not going to tolerate something like that.