Here is an UPDATED Beta release for DejaOffice - v1.6.1. Release notes are below.

To download this release, enter this link on your phone. It will bring you to a web page you can use to download the beta. Look under the green box for the special beta link. Scroll further down for installation instructions.

NOTE: Beta releases may not be tested with AT&T Backflip because AT&T does not allow downloads outside Android Market.

DejaOffice v1.6.1 (8/4/2010)
*changed task due date sort order to include no due dates at the end
*fixed an issue where DejaNotes would sometimes crash adding a new note
*fixed an issue where modifying recurring events in DJO would not sync to PC
*fixed an issue where default task priorities were set to high
*fixed issues with sort orders in list views sorting capitalized and international characters incorrectly
*fixed an issue where the recurring pattern first/last weekday/weekend day of the month/year would sync incorrectly
*fixed an issue where recurring events starting prior to Mar 14 would sync an hour ahead
*fixed an issue with Droid X where contacts data could be lost or merged