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Thread: Calendar question or Upgrade request

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    Calendar question or Upgrade request

    When I begin to type the "location" of my new calendar event, my android-razor from verizon begins to auto fill suggestions from "powered by google".

    This does me no good.

    What I would like is for the auto fill to be either from my current contacts list OR then google auto fill.
    Google auto fill doesn't have the needed location because it is the majority of the time a person's address or begins to suggest locations ALL ACROSS THE U.S!

    Waiting for your suggestions.


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    I certainly agree with this. In fact, I find it a little of a nuisance that while I'm trying to fill in a location I'm competing with entries and suggestions from Google. Maybe it could be user configurable -- allow the user to turn this on or off, And/or to configure it just to use local information from the device.


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    How about this?

    1. If device-local information is found, show it,. Include an item at the bottom of the list that says "More...", which the user can click to have it search Google (or whatever) for matches.

    2. If device-local information is NOT found, then automatically search Google (or whatever).
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    yes, that would work.

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    now what

    Ok folks now that we've come up with a great suggestion.
    How do we get dejaoffice to do it?

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