In my previous devices I had the phone numbers formated as either 99-9999-9999 (for mobile phones) or 9999-9999 (for fixed phones - or land lines). There was no automatic formating, I just entered the phone numbers as I wanted it to be shown and the device respected it, when dialing, it just ignored the non-digit characters.

Now in DejaContacts, my imported data has the dashes, but if I edit a contact, the dashes disappear.

Although the phone, obviously, interprets the number correctly and is able to dial it, I used the format for ease of reading: It's easier to read a grouped digits that it's to read a long string of digits.

By the way, the correct format for mobile numbers should be (99) 9999-9999 but I'm OK with just dashes since, as told, I need only to group the digits for ease of reading.

I'm using DejaOffice 2.3.5 without CompanionLink on an Android 4.0.4 device (Sony Xperia U) with the language set to "Espaol (Mxico)" (Spanish-Mexico).