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Thread: "Contacts not available until sync process completes"

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    "Contacts not available until sync process completes"

    Am I missing a step in finishing the sync process? I'm using a Droid Incredible and syncing from Outlook 2007. I know about "Press OK when sync is done" and I do that. But sometimes when I click on DejaOffice I get a message: "Contacts not available until sync process completes." Same problem with the Calendar. This happens several minutes after my last sync and in the interim I was able to access contacts, appointments, etc. in DejaOffice - no problem. Then suddenly DejaOffice won't let me in. If I turn off the phone then turn it on again, that seems to fix the problem. I'm wondering if it's more of a DROID problem rather than a DejaOffice problem - according to my DROID manual, after I copy files to or from the Droid storage card, I should see a message in the notification area directing me to tap "Disk Drive" and set to "Charge Only" but the problem is I don't know how to find the Droid notifications panel, I stumble upon it sometimes by accident.
    FYI, I didn't install the VZAccess Manager software that came with my Droid. I've copied music files to my DROID without that, so I thought I didn't need it.
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