Hey folks...

(NOTE: Below, I am referring only to Local WiFi Sync using CompanionLink Pro - this is the only syncing method I use)


This is directed to all people who use DejaOffice and Android, and sync using CompanionLink...

Since moving from Palm Desktop / Palm TX to an Android phone (Galaxy Nexus) and Outlook 2010, I have only been 2-way syncing Tasks, Notes/Memos, and Journal, but only 1-way syncing Contacts and Calendar (Outlook -> Android, but not back).

The reason I've done this is because, in the past, attempts at 2-way syncing with Contact and Calendar (but especially Calendar) have resulting in random-ish results.

For example:

1. Sometimes Contacts are missing fields added/existing on one end of the sync but not the other
2. Sometimes Contact fields that are modified on one end of the sync are not propagated to the other
3. Calendar item syncing sometimes has unpredictable results (especially with multi-day events, events that span days, repeating events, etc.)
4. Calendar items added to one end of the sync sometimes are not propagated to the other
5. Alarms are synced incorrectly, or alarms are added to Calendar items that didn't have them, or at strange times - the "phantom alarms" people have mentioned elsewhere

... etc.

The last time I tried two-way sync for Contacts and Calendar was quite some time ago, and I haven't trusted it to be 100% accurate since then, and thus haven't used it.

Has anyone who has been using this particular combination (Outlook + Android) found that 2-way Contact and Calendar sync is now 100% accurate? Enough so that you completely trust DejaOffice and CompanionLink to be mirrors of each other, without any errors at all such that information is not propagated, is propagated incorrectly, or items are erroneously removed?

I would love to be able to depend on DejaOffice/CompanionLink syncing to the level of accuracy that my old Palm Desktop sync used to have, but don't quite trust it yet.

Please describe your experiences and levels of trust with this combination (if you use it). Thanks!

- Tim