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Thread: DejaOffice for BlackBerry 10 OS / BlackBerry Playbook OS

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    Hi Team,

    Waht is the meaning of can't move data to blackberry hub? Is it mean the calendar and contact cannot sync to blackberry native calendar and contact client?

    Also, i can't sync the contact and calendar from BB10 to outlook or gmail. Will it be fixed in next release?


    Quote Originally Posted by DJOCTO View Post
    Our stated release date is May. We are working on a number of different options to feed BlackBerry Hub. Also, we have noted that our current App for BlackBerry World has been "in approval" for more than 40 days. So even if we have it today, it may take RIM 40 days to approve it. Big Sigh.

    Sending data from DejaOffice to BlackBerry Hub is our highest priority project right now. Please stand by.

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    Problems with LinkedIn and BB (creates duplicate records)

    I have DejaOffice (DJO) and DejaHub (DJH)
    Downloaded both new versions from BB World app store! (Well done DJO).

    Suffered many duplicate contacts in the native BB contact file, also noticed that many contacts had been overwritten with LinkedIn data, which wiped phone numbers and email addresses in a large number of contact records.

    Despite many attempts, DJHub could not clear native BB contacts because, as far as I could tell, LinkedIn overwrites native BB contacts and/or adds it's own.

    Actions tried:
    Turned off all LinkedIn permissions; no difference
    Uninstalled LinkedIn via BB World; no difference.
    Did a security wipe and reset my BB back to factory defaults (a pain in the proverbial).
    When BB was clean:
    Did not install LinkedIn
    Installed DJO and DJH
    Synched DJO via DJCloud
    Synched Native BB contacts, etc, via DJH (from DJO, not USB)

    No duplicates anywhere!

    DJH doesn't "see" LinkedIn contacts in Native BB, so DJH doesn't wipe them.
    I think the problem is in how BB and LinkedIn interact (not DJO's problem)
    Uninstalling LinkedIn doesn't take LinkedIn off the BB Hub, so, somehow, the BB keeps receiving LinkedIn messages, etc.

    Is anyone else seeing these problems?
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    Thanks for the update.

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