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    Sales question

    Your 'general info' stick post says 'If you purchase CompanionLink for your PC Sync, you will get one year free DejaCloud service'

    I can't see any mention of this on the main website or the purchase section. can you confirm this is included if i purchase companion link now? Assuming it is, and i buy companionlink for outlook, how many, devices would i be able to sync with the data?

    I have my PC with master data in Outlook, and am currently syncing only with an ipad, but will be adding an andriod phone soon. would that be supported with the included subscription or do i need to consider companionlink express?

    from my testing of the demo companionlink - i only need the basic version to sync to dejacloud, regardless of the number of devices i then use to pickup the data.

    what is the best - (ie cheapest!) way to get pc, ipad and phone in sync?

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    Kab, welcome to the forums.

    It's not that we're into instant responses, but I happen to be sitting right here for a minute.

    The best (and cheapest) way for PC, iPad and phone is CompanionLink for Outlook, 1 time $49.95. Alernately, you can get a subscription for $14.95 per quarter, so that's just $15 now and then recurring every 3 months after that.

    DejaCloud Sync is included in the CL purchase, at least for the first year. We are still working over what the price and limits are for DejaCloud sync. Most likely they will relate to server usage for advanced features. Advance "Paid" features are in line with reporting capability, capability to view more than one Calendar (multi-person scheduling) and connectors to other products like SalesForce. We also will probably enforce a fee for people who have more than 2 or 3 devices, or more than 2 or 3 computers, but this is pretty TBD right now.

    The basic sync for DejaCloud is $5/month paid as a 3 month subscription for $14.95 per quarter. However, you get one year free with CL purchase, which is a better deal.

    I hope this makes sense! Have a happy Sunday.

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