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Thread: DJO as a conduit between Outlook and Google?

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    DJO as a conduit between Outlook and Google?

    Hello everyone,

    I have been a Blackberry user for ages, and just made the leap over to the Android platform with the DroidX. But I'm facing a very difficult problem that I hope DejaOffice can solve.

    I use Outlook at work. I use Google calendar for my personal life. I would like my corporate calendar data to be in the same place as my personal calendar data. However, there is no internet access from the PC where I run Outlook (rules out Google Sync, etc.).

    Basically I can't access the Internet from work, and I can't access work from the Internet. I need a combined calendar so that if I get home in the evening and my wife says "want to go to the early movie tomorrow" I can check what time my last appointment is at work, and check if I have other social plans, all in the same place.

    For the record, I don't care about my personal data being in my corporate calendar, or my corporate data being in Google's cloud.

    I really do NOT want to use two different calendars, and the calendar I do use needs to be accessible anywhere.

    Edit to add: Of course I'm using at least two calendars, Outlook @ work, and Google elsewhere. What I mean to say is I want ALL of my data (personal + corporate) to be in all the calendars I use - so no matter how many applications/interfaces I use, the data has to be the same across all of them.

    I'm happy with the native Google calendar apps, so what I would like to do is use CompanionLink and DejaOffice as a "portal" of sorts between my Outlook and Google. I would sync my Outlook to DJO via USB, and then sync between DJO and the native apps. This would move my data from PC=>DJO=>Google

    I have tried some solutions and one of them went a little haywire... I think Google started treating all the appointments that were synced over as new appointments, because the attendees for the meetings all got new invitations from my Gmail address (very bad). Also, several meetings for which I was an attendee (they were organized by someone else) now show up as MY meetings (I'm the organizer).

    So does what I propose with CL/DJO sound reasonable? Am I going to end up screwing up my corporate calendar again or sending invites from Google?

    Thanks for reading all of this...
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