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Thread: Can I add Dejaoffice as an account

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    Unhappy Can I add Dejaoffice as an account

    I noticed that we are unable to search contacts in the Dejaoffice app for WIndows 8. I have over 9000 contacts and find it time consuming to scroll through them all. Is there a way to add Dejaoffice as an account (like an exchange email account)so that the contacts will appear in the native phone contacts app? At least that way I could search through them (and my caller ID would work!)

    Many thanks, Gingerclaire x

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    Ginger, welcome to the forums.

    I'm so sorry we omitted this detail on the initial release. We have an update slated for about a week from now that will include Contact Search. Works great!

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    Another Nokia Lumia issue - not all contacts synching

    So all of my contacts show as synching to companionlink, but then something Is happenning on the stage form there to the phone.

    I have tried deleting them all (and the app) and then resynching, but I guess I have a setting wrong somewhere? Should I have one of the synch settings boxes ticked and I haven't?

    I need your help as our CEO needs his contacts and gets mad at me for them not being on there!

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