We have been syncing DH's Evo4 with gernerally few problems since we got the program a few weeks ago, but a couple of days ago he got an Evo update now when he plugs his Evo into desktop and trys to sync it says we need to mount Evo. Which we have never had to do before it just seemed to mount to do the sync and then dismount when we pressed the Sync button in the Deja menu. So I set the Evo to mount everytime plugged in, but I am sure that is not how it was before because DH could use DejaOffice even when plugged in which from what I am reading requires that it be dismounted.

So I changed the Evo to asked me what to do when plugged in, still not what we used to do and still not very convenient.

The thing I am really confused about right now is that when I do a sync the sync pops up on the Windows desktop and says when it is complete to tap the OK button on the Evo to finish the sync (as it has always done), but the OK button isn't on the Evo anymore (nothings show on the Evo, but the Deja menu). I don't know what to do to finish the sync. I finally just unplug it and don't know if the sync is totally complete or not. I go out of DejaOffice and then back in and it pops up a note that says 1 update has been done.

Any ideas? I am spending way too much time trying to figure this out.

Thanks for any help. If you need more information from me please comment and I will try to answer you questions.