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Thread: Portuguese version issues

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    Exclamation Portuguese version issues

    I'm from Portugal, so I'm using Portuguese Language. I noticed there are many parts that are not translated. It's still in work? If so, any idea when it will be completed? If not, I may be able to help.

    It seems it's Portuguese (BR) version, not (PT). Generally speaking, I don't mind on that, however there are some differences that may have some impact on the way we use the app. For instance, the address is displayed in the form City then Postal/Zip Code, but in Portugal we use the opposite - Postal/Zip Code then City. Can this be changed? Of course this would have to be treated in a special way, that is, the address display of each contact would have to vary depending on its country.

    This last point is one of the reasons I'm looking into DejaOffice, because the native Contacts app had completely change all my 900+ addresses (from several countries) I had on my previous Win Mobile Phone. DejaOffice has different fields for each part of an address, which makes the difference, just need a (small?) fine tuning to display it correctly.

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    Send an email to the link at the top of the forum to offer your help -
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    Senhor Campos, welcome to the forum.

    As McLion indicates, we would love to get the help and get the Portuguese translation corrected. Please send an email to We can send you a word list, and when you correct it, we will incorporate it into the product. I'm very happy to separate Portuguese (Br) from Portuguese (Pt) if needed.

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