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Thread: DejaOffice 2.4.2 doen't work?

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    DejaOffice 2.4.2 doen't work?

    I've tried to install the latest update from both your website and Google Play. My phone just says "DejaOffice has quit responding" or something like that. This has happened with several reloads. When I return to 2.4.1, everything is fine. Does anyone else experience this?

    CompanionLink 5060
    DejaOffice 2.4.1
    Plam Desktop 6.2
    Windows 7
    Galaxy S III
    Android 4.1.2
    Using USB sync (ADB)

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    nmike, we work very hard to be sure each release is upward compatible. However, there must be something in the database that is causing a problem. Might we take a look at it?

    In DejaOffice Settings, choose Logging, and then Email Log. No need to turn on logging or anything. Just send the email.

    Please put a quick message on that you can't upgrade to 2.4.2. We'll take a look. Thanks. If you like you can email me directly

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