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Thread: Contact navigation suggestion

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    Lightbulb Contact navigation suggestion

    When viewing a contact, it would be nice to have a way of going to the next or the previous contact. That would help with two things:

    1. If you mistakenly tap the wrong contact, you wouldn't have to go back to the list, but simply go to the next or previous contact
    2. When reviewing your contacts for errors, you can quickly review all data for each record without having to go back to the list, then bring up the next contact

    Next and Previous arrow icons would be handy, but I realize screen real estate is at a premium. An alternative might be to put "Next Contact" and Previous Contact" choices in the pop-up that shows when pressing the menu.

    Just a suggestion

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    Or perhaps just using left/right gestures (and up/down gestures for the contact with the next letter in the alphabet, for example).

    Gestures are underused in what amounts to modal dialogs in the app, in my opinion (been writing web user interfaces lately, so it's on my mind).

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    Left/right gestures already moves to next/previous contact.

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