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Thread: Nokia Symbian / Opera / ACT / Cardscan / Blackberry Playbook sync ?

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    Nokia Symbian / Opera / ACT / Cardscan / Blackberry Playbook sync ?

    Hi, I have perhaps an odd collection of tools to sync, but here goes anyway.

    I work do sales and sales consulting, so my tool choices are sometimes complicated by my clients:


    a) Computer
    - Windows vista 64 bit pro
    - Would like to move to windows 7 pro on my next laptop, but it is getting hard to find
    - Likely will not move to windows 8, but instead considering Debian Linux Mint Cinnamon edition if I cannot get win 7 pro.
    (yes, win 8 for me really is that challenging)
    - I back it up using a special encrypted, on-line backup system.

    b) Phone
    - Nokia E7 Symbian Belle
    - Yes, I do really like it, especially the fold out keyboard
    - One of the key aspects is that the contact info does not need to be stored on the "cloud", but instead can be sync'd to a nokia program on my desktop
    - The nokia desktop program backs up contacts, nokia maps, contact location information on the map, pictures, texts, etc.
    - The phone has approx 500 contacts on it, and I need to load another 500 on it for a total of about 1 000
    - I have no idea what I will buy when I can't buy these E series phones anymore, but it won't be android or apple, and windows isn't looking promising.
    - Please note that the nokia symbian E series phones have some special mapping functions and connections to the contacts than most phones.

    c) Blackberry Playbook tablet
    - I have just purchased this, so this is new for me
    - I am hoping to find an easy way to transfer contact and other information back and forth to it without needing to "cloud sync"
    - Using something like gmail sync is not an option, so that eliminates all android devices, and Mac just isn't interesting to me.

    - I use a specialty contract outside email service supplier for my email service
    - IMAP
    - Some contact info is stored in the web mail service they have, but not all.
    - Perhaps 1 000 contacts are there of around 6 000 total.

    Desktop Software

    a) Cardscan pro
    - used to scan business cards and it contains around 5 000 contacts and info on them.
    - very valuable for all of the business cards I get, and from trade shows
    - Perhaps 20% of this set of files contains modern / active contacts, and of course some are no longer useful, but that is not a problem.

    b) Nokia sync software
    - Used to sync with the phone

    c) Opera
    - I use Opera instead of outlook as my email client
    - Mostly I use it because of it's multi OS support, and because in the past, I had a lot of virus problems with outlook
    - There is some contact info in the Opera client, but not a lot - perhaps 200 contacts name / email only

    d) ACT
    - I used to use ACT a lot, and have a great deal of information in it
    - I don't use ACT much anymore, partly because it was difficult to transition, and some other reasons that I cannot remember
    - The tracking and notes part of ACT is / was phenomenal

    What I am looking for:
    - Is deja office a good potential solution for making all of this sync ?
    - Can it work without using a "cloud sync" ? Cloud sync is very frightening to my clients for security reasons
    - Is there a way to sync "as much as possible" to one database, and then create a "subset" to sync to my phone ?



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    The key is to set a "Master" database, and use that as a reference point for your activities. I would suggest using ACT! I'm not sure on the Nokia whether there is Outlook Sync. That is a key piece. Nokia's use a proprietary OS that is now sunset, so whatever you have is what you get.

    I would suggest, however, to push all the data into a single database (Outlook or ACT!) and design a system to get data from that Master database to each device you need. For Nokia you may need to export and move to Nokia Sync. For everything else you can use CompanionLink direct sync to the devices. I believe Cardscan will go directly into ACT! and/or there's an add-on product for that.

    Email is a separate issue. We find that each phone has an email system that can handle your IMAP without an issue.

    DejaOffice in BlackBerry world will handle Playbook just fine. Just download that and select USB Sync to CompanionLink.

    I hope this information helps.

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    Thanks for the info.

    The idea of using one central database is of course correct. Options for us are ACT, Cardscan, Outlook or Opera ( we use Opera as our email client and don't use Outlook ) Since Opera already meets our multi os goal (Win / Mac / Linux ) maybe that is the right database to centralize on? I will look at that some more.

    For us, ACT use is in decline due to the dual effort involved in keeping it up.

    Will your software sync contact info from Opera to a BB Playbook ?

    Nokia phones (symbian and windows versions) synchronize with the free mapping application as part of the pim information, so I will need that anyway. I just need to figure out exactly what form that location information is stored, but I think it is long / lat.

    Believe it or not, since Nokia outsourced symbian, we have gotten two version updates, and they are pretty decent.

    You are right that the general assumption is that Nokia Symbian S60 will die out. If Nokia were to release another batch of E series / symbian 60 phones tomorrow, they would sell just fine. It mostly depends on how long their current CEO lasts.

    IMAP email won't be a problem because that will just sync from the server to each device.

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    I didn't even know Opera had contact info? So I guess not.

    CompanionLink Professional works great to keep ACT! and Outlook synchronized. Try DoubleLook mode for that. It makes it a breeze.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Opera is actually a fantastic, multi operating system email client, which is why we use it.

    I have also heard that people use it as a web browser, but I don't use it that way to reduce risk of on-line attacks on my email

    Outlook is not in our plans, not because it isn't a good client, but because so many people use it that we didn't feel we could reasonably stop outlook focused malware. There aren't all that many good multi OS clients out there.

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