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Thread: DejaOffice on Q10 using Outlook 2011 for Mac

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    DejaOffice on Q10 using Outlook 2011 for Mac

    Hi All

    I have just about completed the transiton from BB OS 7 on my old 9810 using Offfce for Mac 2004 with Entourage to my new Q10 on my MacBookPro using Mountain Lion 10.8.3 OS using Office for Mac 2011 with Outlook 2011and it seems to be working and here is what I did
    1 Made sure Sync in Outlook for Mac went to iCal, (I had about 40 categories)
    2. Installed Companionlink for Mac (trial version), set up exactly andd using Dejacloud,
    3. Installed DejaOffice on my Q10 and Playbook 64 G and Playbook 16 G,
    4. I synced the Companionlink for Calendar only to start. I had added contacts from the Entourage through to Outlook (800 contacts)
    5. The number of entries from Outlook to Companion was about 6,300.
    6. I then presses Sync and after about 60 minutes it was uploaded to the Q1, and both Playbooks,
    7. Finally I installed DejaHub on the Q10 and I synced the Dejacalendar to the Native Calendar which took about 60 min. as well.


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    Great news!

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