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Thread: Encryption Enhancement Request

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    Encryption Enhancement Request

    I use the encrypted database and LOVE the fact that you offer it.

    My Request is that you create a method to enter the passcode that uses large alpha numeric buttons and/or a pattern swipe.

    Trying to enter my password using the traditional android keyboard is very awkward when using the phone on the go.

    Thanks for considering this.

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    songsearcher, welcome to the Forums!

    This is already there. I use it every day.

    Go To DejaOffice Settings, and then Privacy and Encryption Settings.

    1. Hit Encrypt [/] to decrypt the database.
    2. Hit Encrypt [ ] to encrypt it.
    3. Hit Ok at the warning
    4. Choose "Unlock Code" for a pattern match.

    Put the code in and you can use it as you say.

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