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Thread: Contacts with no pictures

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    Question Contacts with no pictures


    I updated to v. 2.4.3 (under android). I lost some pictures associated to my contacts. I insert again the pictures but Dejacontacts does not take the pictures.

    Any idea?

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    Re: Contacts with no pictures

    Hello Mr. Rodriguez,

    Thanks for using DejaOffice. I'm sorry you're having an issue with DejaOffice contact pictures. I recommend updating to version 2.4.4 of DejaOffice through the Google Play store. Would you mind collecting a log of the process for us? Please go to DejaOffice Settings > Logging and Support > and enable logging. Please create a new contact with the name Mickey Mouse (this makes it easier for us when examining the log) and add a picture to it. If the picture is not added, please go back DejaOffice Settings > Logging and Support > and click Email log. The recipient should be Please edit the subject to read "alejandrogrodriguez forum user".

    Thank you.

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