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Thread: getting a black/blank screen in calendar.

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    getting a black/blank screen in calendar.

    I can get into the main app, but my Sync (WiFi) doesn't' work & when I tap on calendar or tasks I just get a blank black screen. [Moderated: Phone Number deleted]
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    Welcome to the Forum, Kailey Rachel. You really shouldn't post you phone number in a public forum as spammers will collect such data. I'd edit the post and delete it unless a mod does it for you.

    We probably need to know more. If you look at the information in my signature, that's the kind of information we need: Android device, Android version number, computer, computer OS version, what desktop program and version you are syncing with, Companion Link version and Deja Office version. Also, did DJO work before and suddenly stop working? If so, any changes just before this happened?
    DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone, Windows 10 Home Version ver. 1903
    DejaOffice 4.4.21 (Android), Moto G6, stock Android 9), May 2019 security patch.*
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S, LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2), August 2019 security patch.
    DejaCloud Sync (PC and phone), USB Sync (Tablet).

    *Temporary phone after my Nexus 6p died, holding out for this phone as a replacement:

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    Phone number deleted.

    Our tech support got it, and will respond directly.

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