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Thread: DejaOffice for Android - General release schedule

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    Post DejaOffice for Android - General release schedule

    Update March 2014:

    DejaOffice for Android 2.5.9 - Current release - lots of updates and feature requests here

    DejaOffice for Android 3.1 - Next release

    1. Revised Alarm system to use notifications. Android has introduce active notifications and the ability to put options (snooze dismiss) in the notification bar. We want to switch to this system rather than the current popup. Also see if we can tie elegantly into Google Now.

    2. New widgets - Need to revamp Calendar 4x4 (resizable) widget to scroll. Add a month view widget. Support lock screen widgets.

    3. Templates - Create templates by making an appointment or contact, or task and adding to the Template category. Whenever you add a new Contact, Event, or Task you will be prompted for Blank, or use your existing template. The template can fill in key details so you don't have to re-enter them. Make a "Business Appointment" template that fills in business category, location and note. Make a "Time with kids" template with a completely different set of defaults.

    4. Left side menu - quickly move from app to app

    5. Adjust fonts look and feel

    6. Alarm list - see your alarms as an "App"

    DejaOffice for Android - Future

    3. Voice command system - Ability to "dictate" task lists, add voice notes, and voice-dial contacts. This is a big system and will be pulling into place through the first half of 2014. This will first be released as a separate App called DejaVoice. Once that is out, this will be combined with DejaOffice

    4. Google Glass integration - when Google Glass comes out. Right now we are seeing Google Glass as a notification and input system that relies on the phone for data.

    Finally, outside of DejaOffice Android, other development includes

    DejaCloud Sync - DejaOffice CRM Live - "Connectors" now pull data live from Google (Dec 2013), Outlook 365, Salesforce and Infusionsoft. iCloud coming soon. So DJOL will be a central hub for other online cloud systems.

    DejaCloud Sync - Connect accounts under a group name, so you can see and schedule group calendars and group resources.

    DejaVoice, DejaTranslate - Separate apps for Dictation and translation.

    We are pretty excited right now about the voice command system (DJVA/DJVI) and Google Glass integration giving us a bit of a boost in Spring 2014 to keep our system on the leading edge.

    Feedback is welcome. I'll be updating this post frequently. Posted as sticky. Last update March 30, 2014

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    DejaOffice v1.4.0 (05/20/2010)

    * Added display size options (Delightful, Business, Micro) under General Settings.
    * Various UI enhancements for DejaOffice edit/view screens.
    * Left/right swipe from Task details view will now move to next/previous task in the list.
    * Added context menus for list screens to allow two tap changes of Category, font size, and sort order.
    * Adding/updating/deleting an event in DejaOffice calendar will now automatically save to Android Calendar app.
    * When adding a new contact to DejaOffice, it will transfer to the Android Contacts app immediately.
    * Added option to toggle DejaOffice color scheme (light background/dark text, or dark background/light text).
    * Added task reminders.
    * Larger fonts and display for calendar.
    * Added option to create a new event by tapping on blank space in the DejaOffice calendar day view.
    * Added category colors in DejaOffice list screens.
    * Made phone numbers clickable in list view
    * Made email address clickable in list view
    * Added Settings options for long press throughout DejaOffice apps.
    * Fixed spacing issues with phone numbers and names running into each other
    * Added colors to "Categories" filter button in contact screen
    * Fixed a bug where part alarms would sometimes ring after a synchronization.
    * Fixed a bug where search was not ignoring spaces.
    * Fixed a bug where location and notes fields were stripped from Outlook when syncing with the native Android calendar.

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    I just did my first sync with Dejaoffice to my Motorola Droid. I see all my info in Dejaoffice, but it is not in my Droid Calendar or Contacts. Is that supposed to happen automatically per this 5/20 post?

    Adding/updating/deleting an event in DejaOffice calendar will now automatically save to Android Calendar app.
    * When adding a new contact to DejaOffice, it will transfer to the Android Contacts app immediately.

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    Betsy welcome to the Forums!

    It depends on how much data you synchronized. If you have more than 1500 Contacts, it will not automatically go to the onboard apps.

    You can manually override this using Settings > Sync Settings, and then check the boxes for Sync Android Contacts and Calendar. After setting this, do one more sync with the PC and it should sync through.

    If you go to the onboard apps, we recommend you keep your data set under 1500 Contacts and about 500 Calendar events. Clear them out of Outlook to do this. For people who are already under this, there will be no conflict.

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    Better and better

    Your product just keeps getting better and better. The font improvement in calendar is greatly appreciated by my over 40 eyes. And the choice to have a white background makes everything so much more readable.

    The issues I still have and the features I am hoping for you are already working on (notification alarms, reminders etc.)

    I gave a 5 star rating for this app a while back, but really you and your team should get 5 stars. You have provided people in a business environment like me a much needed app that provides security and confidentiality (no cloud), and the ability to take our business contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar everywhere we go. I am grateful! God bless you!


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    Big release today:

    DejaOffice 1.5.0 (06-09-2010)
    1) Tap and hold now pops context menus for most screens in DejaOffice.

    2) Calendar events and tasks now support contact linking via the "Add Contact" button in the event/task edit screens. Also, from the Contacts view screen, a context menu option is now available to Add Event or Add Task using the current contact.

    3) Added option to mark records as Private. Options for password-protecting, masking, and hiding private records are available under DejaOffice Settings.

    * Added support for multiple categories per item.
    * Fix for internal events table being huge if you make a birthday with an old year
    * Fixed "null" text on contact list that sometimes appeared
    * Fixed crash bug if you brought up the keyboard on the contact list screen and typed in spaces
    * Removed options from our options screen that were no longer needed (since they are now available in the context menu).
    * Added time interval options for persistent alarm mode, so you can specify something other than 5 minutes
    * Release Notes screen is now a popup dialog
    * Added "Log Android DB" button to General Settings. Dumps the android db to the log file. Only available if logging is on.
    * Added "Email Log" button to General Settings. Zips the log and db file, and pops up an email with the attachment filled in. Only available if logging is on.
    * No longer display release notes if database schema changes, only if version increases
    * Fixed crash bug if you went to add a contact link, and hit back instead of selecting a contact
    * Fixed bug if you went to General Settings screen with a completely fresh db, the color theme would change unintentionally
    * Made tweaks to the event menu bar at the bottom, to make the buttons more responsive when switching between day/week/month/list mode
    * Added "Logging" setting to General Settings screen
    * Automatically turn off logging after 2 days
    * Updated persistent alarm mode settings.
    * Fixed a bug where category color change was not always reflected in category list
    * Fixed a bug where added pictures were not syncing
    * Fixed a bug where note deletions were not synching
    * Fixed a bug where phone numbers in event subjects were not dialable
    * Added background theme for notification screen
    * Fixed UI issues in sync settings
    * Updated calendar category picker
    * Fixed category button not visible in tasks and notes
    * Fixed a bug where new contacts were added to category "Category" instead of "no category"
    * Added icon for currently selected display size on context menu
    * Added icon for currently selected sort order on contact list context menu
    * For category List, fixed context menu to use icon version like the other list screens
    * Added phone number formatting when entering a new phone number in DJO contacts
    * When category filter is applied on list screen, when selecting Add record we will default the new record's category to the current category filter
    * Categories button enhancements for contact list.
    * Fixed a bug where Outlook single day all-day events could be changed to a two-day event
    * In contact list, when one category selected, adding a new record will default to that category set.
    * Left-justified section title in contact edit view
    * Category button enhancements in category edit view
    * Added Alarm info to Task View screen
    * Added Alarm indicator to Task List screen
    * Fixed bug with contact list that caused context menu to not work for some options
    * Events edit view enhancements
    * Tasks edit view enhancements

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    I do not know if this is the right place to post this. I am a one man service company. I put all my service appointments as a task, Outlook, and then when I do the service I put it in the calendar so I have a date time stamp, etc. It would be great if this could be automated from the task. If I could long press a task and have one of the options be to 'make calendar item'. once in the calendar I can fine tune it, but just to have it jump over there would be a great time saver. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that a lot of us use the phone one handed. So please try to make your software work while using only one hand and thumb typing. Not everyone that uses a smart phone sits in an office, some of us are hot and sweaty and climbing up on ladders looking up info and tech specs. Thank you.

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    Feel free to post feedback anywhere in the forum! If you find that a particular part of our software is difficult to use one-handed, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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    It would be great if you could continue to post each new release notes here - so we can look at them BEFORE downloading the new version. Or - are they available somewhere else on your web site?


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