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Thread: unable to accessSD card

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    unable to accessSD card

    How do I get past this message. I cannot sync my phone to ACT on my computer with companion link.

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    Geobust, welcome to the forum.

    So you are getting "Unable to access SD Card", either on your PC or on your phone, when trying to sync.

    Without knowing your phone model, it's hard to say. Some phones use SD cards, other phones emulate them. One easy way to get past it is to use DejaCloud synchronization which doesn't requre that the PC see the memory card at all!

    For USB Direct sync; a) Be sure your sync method is set the same in DejaOffice and CompanionLink. The best choice is USB Direct, but we also offer DejaConnect USB which is a different USB System. If you phone is newer, when using USB Direct, then select Media Mode or MTP Mode on the phone for the USB Connection type. For older phones select "Charge Only".

    Here is a troubleshooting guide:

    Here's the guide for DejaCloud: This avoids having to convince Android to connect to a PC when it really doesn't want to.

    I hope this information helps.

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