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    Welcome Everyone to our Forum!

    We've been developing DejaOffice for six years now. Our nemesis has finally appeared, in the form of the Outlook App for Android.

    We see a lot of space between the two products. Our DejaOffice is more "Outlook-Like". For instance, we have a week view, and calendar colors; Outlook App for Android does not.

    For non-Outlook features; we support Mapping and Templates, which are not found in the Outlook App. We also have Android Desktop Widgets.

    I think we can continue to stay ahead of Microsoft for business people who want a full featured app on the phone.

    We remain an internally funded company. Our funding comes from selling PC Sync products. So every sale helps in a small way to fund our development. Every low star rating halts our funding and makes it more difficult for us to get the sales which pays for the developers.

    We truly appreciate all the support here on the forum, and all the suggestions. Our goal is to stay in development mode to make the most powerful mobile business CRM on Android App Store.

    For 2016 we plan a Material Design reboot. New icons, some adjustments to fonts and colors. Hopefully this will make the calendar, and the app as a whole more beautiful and less geeky. We will be adding group scheduling capabilities so you can see co-workers calendars (supported through DejaCloud). We will be pushing widgets. My dream is to have the whole app running as a widget on the Android desktop. What could be better than to have everything available all the time. This is not possible, because widgets run in low memory, but we'll try to get as much as we can to live on the desktop.

    That's all for now. Thanks for your support.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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