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Number6, Welcome to the forum.

I'd be interested in knowing what cell phone you had, that synchronized a subset of Outlook Email folders to it? I know of none.

Email folders are easy to handle via IMAP. There's simply no need for a synchronization tool to handle it. Just set up IMAP at your Email host, set your phone to use IMAP and voila; your folders are right there for reference. Very easy.
Most recently I had an HTC TyTN II Windows Mobile 6 phone, but prior to that my Nokia 6682 and Nokia 9290 Communicator supported full folder sync with Outlook email. Just running the phone's sync software (Windows ActiveSync, Nokia PC Suite) would synchronize a messages within a selectable time period (usually 2 weeks) and from all Outlook email folders (or a user-selected subset).

IMAP works to a certain degree but I use several email accounts and it's awkward to have the folders distributed, particularly when searching for old emails. Hotmail would provide a consolidation feature and I may end up doing that through Outlook Connector and the Hotmail Android app, but then I have to hand over email account passwords to a Microsoft server (doable, but alternatives are preferable). Plus, the standard email app Google provides on my Galaxy Nexus cannot respond to meeting requests: I need to be on Outlook to do that. Having all my email locally on Outlook allows me to keep a long history and manage large attachments -- something that uses all my alloted space on servers accessed via IMAP (or POP3).

Switching from Windows Mobile to Android should have been a slam dunk win, but this lack of connectivity with Outlook instead makes it a close call. Pity, really. I'd have thought email sync was just obvious.