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Thread: syncing ACT! with DJO

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    syncing ACT! with DJO


    I should have asked questions months ago as DJO works well for me then I spend hours trying to get it to work at all.
    My setup Companionlink Pro 5.0 build 5032; DejaOffice Beta 2.2.2 (309) Samsung i9100 phone with ICS. ACT! 2012.
    I like the new DJO interface but I'm frustrated by it dropping sync and not deleting past closed events when syncing with ACT! I can accommodate its speed but not its unreliability. To be frank it's been unreliable and I've tried every sync method including CL synch. What I want to do is sync reliably prior to moving location at say the end of the day or as I pack up from a meeting.

    My tuppence worth.

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    Have tried using the older versions of DJO instead of the Beta. I use DJO 2.1.9 with USB sync which seems to work well for me. I cannot get Dejaconnect to work reliably, so stick with USB Sync. I am still using ACT 6 so my experience may not apply to you.

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