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Thread: All my calendar events display one day earlier than they actually are

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    All my calendar events display one day earlier than they actually are

    Hi. Don't know if this is user error (my fault) or a bug, but all of my events DISPLAY one day earlier. When I click on the actual event or edit it, it shows the correct date. So the software knows what day the event should be on. But when I am looking at the calendar the event will be displayed one day earlier than it actually is.

    I fly a lot change time zones weekly but am always careful to click "no" when the phone tells me that I am in a different time zone and asks me if I want to shift calendar events to the new time zone, so I don't think this is it.

    1. Does anyone know why this is happening?
    2. How do I fix it?
    3. How do I prevent it happening again?

    Many thanks!

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    Hi RBSF:
    I had the same (or similar) symptom occur:
    Monthly calendar display looked OK, but events were shifted one day earlier (appointments that I knew were on Monday, were shown for Sunday. If I selected the appointment I believe it displayed the correct day.
    There was also an addtional corruption of the daily and weekly display. The color category of an appointment for each day was spread across all hours of the day in both daily and weekly views. The display would scroll, but text appeared to be gone.

    I read somewhere in this forum about a "calendar display rebuild", then I found that option in DejaOffice under Menu/Settings, near bottom. This seems to have fixed my issue.

    I do not know why it happened, or how I might prevent it in the future, but it is good to know this appears to fix this rather scary problem.

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    runbikeswim - Check your Time Zone settings for your phone. The display is trying to display them in your current local time zone. If your time zone is not right, this can happen.

    Did you fly to New Zealand? Sometimes we've seen day-off issues with the UTC-13 time zone (mostly because it's more than 12 hours off of UTC).

    If you are still having problems, please "Send Log" to and they can check the database. It may be that we can figure it out from there.

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