I need to sync my Note10.1 with my S3 phone + my desktop (WIN7, Outlook 201).
I installed DOA on the mob. units and CL on my desktop. The first sync tablet-desktop was ok with duplicates in contacts + some calender dates deleted/duplicated.
Then I tried it with S3 but no success, cal+con didn't sync.
On the Note now, all leading 00/+ in the tel no. are missing. I can recieve calls w/o caller identification but cannot directly call from DOA contacts. Finally I got the message "SD card not conneted" (original German text: SD-Karte nicht erreichbar. Bitte aendern Sie die USb-Einstellungen zu Massenspeicher oder Nur Laden)
Actual situation:
Desktop: calender ok after some corrections; contacts ok after deleting the duplicates
Tablet: cannot even open DOA calendar and contacts
S3: calendar + contacts not synchronised but usable

I urgently need all 3 units for my business, please help me!

Thanks in advance