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Thread: SSH tunnel for Local WiFi sync?

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    SSH tunnel for Local WiFi sync?

    I use Local WiFi sync at home (to Palm Desktop) and would like to use it at work as well. The only catch is that the WiFi network at work is outside our firewall, so I have no access to my computer from it.

    We've got a VPN, but our IT folks haven't been able to come up with a way of hitting it with an Android VPN client, so I can't get in that way. However, I *am* able to SSH from my phone into the network.

    I think I should be able to use port forwarding to make a sync possible, as long as I know what port(s) DJO and CompanionLink talk to each other on. Can anyone help me out with that info?

    Rob Freundlich

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Android 4.1.2/Kernel Version 3.0.31-1098177
    DJO Version 2.5.4 (500)
    CL Version 5070
    Palm Desktop Version 4.1/Windows 7 64-bit
    Local WiFi Sync

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    This thread's a bit ancient by now, but then so is my version of CompanionLink (version 5, build 5074). Posting in case this can help @RobFreundlich or somebody else.

    Just went through the exercise of figuring this out for my home system, where the grafted-on wi-fi network that the cell phone uses has an unavoidable NAT configuration even though the router is attached to my firewall-protected home network. So port forwarding it is.

    Used Wireshark to watch what CompanionLink does during a sync attempt. Turns out it runs http-like traffic from CompanionLink to port 8090 on the phone. So in my case,
    1) aiming CompanionLink at the wi-fi router's "public" / "WAN" address and then
    2) forwarding port 8090 at the wi-fi router's public interface through to the phone's port 8090
    got things working. Note that it is also necessary to copy the phone's DejaOffice wifi sync settings "device name" into the PC's CompanionLink wifi settings. This name appears to function something like a password / shared secret. After doing this, CompanionLink wi-fi sync appears to be working fine.

    regads, Eric

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    ewedel, welcome to the forum.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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