One of the most useful/helpful additions to DejaOffice would be a display screen which would be sorted by days over a fixed period (perhaps 14 days) and would display, for each day, the calendar appointments/meetings scheduled for that day together with the tasks that are due on that day. In this way, the DejaOffice user could get an overview of their upcoming appointment/meetings and their tasks for the coming two weeks.

Another alternative that would be very useful/helpful would be for the task lists that are created by a sort (by due date, by categories, by importance, etc.) to be able to be collapsed and expanded by the criteria used for the sort. I categorize all of my tasks by the GTD attributes (@office, @home, etc), by project, and by importance. I easily have over three hundred tasks in my list. It would be very very helpful if I could just view the limited number of my projects, for example, and then expand the tasks contained in project in which I am specifically interested.

Thanks again for your work and continuing efforts in creating and maintaining DejaOffice!