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Thread: Galaxy S USB Settings (Captivate, Vibrant, Facinate, Epic 4G)

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    Galaxy S USB Settings (Captivate, Vibrant, Facinate, Epic 4G)

    Most Samsung Galaxy S phones (Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4G, Galaxy S) enter MTP /Samsung Kies mode when the USB cable is connected. This mode is prevents DJOA from synchronizing, since it doesn't allow mounting of the SD card. When in this mode, users will see one of the following two things happen on their phone when they connect the USB cable:

    I) The device displays "MTP Application". All UI functions are disabled.

    - or -

    II) The device displays the message "PC connection only available on idle screens. Close running applications".
    NOTE: This happens if you have any app open on the device when connecting the USB cable.

    To Syncronize DejaOffice using CompanionLink USB, you need to change the Samsung S USB Settings to allow "Mass Storage" mode. Here is how to do so:

    1. On the Phone, from the Desktop windows, click on the Menu Button and chooose Settings. Then choose Applications and USB Settings.

    Note: On some phones choose Settings, then About Phone and USB Settings.

    2. Change the USB Settings option from "Samsung Kies" to either "Mass Storage", or "Ask on connection".

    3. If you select "Ask on Connection", then when you connect the cable, the notification manager will show a USB Notification on the top of the Android screen. Slide down on this notification, and select "Mass Storage" mode.

    After selecting, DejaOffice will synchronize.

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    Thank you so much. This information is, what I was looking for, for a long time.

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    Sorry for not having it up here sooner. We're glad to know it helped.

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    Jason does this option still allow cloud synching with android/google calender etc?

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    Hi Jay,

    I think I may have spoken with you earlier today (we chatted about the lack of powerful Android phones in Canada, its a bummer!)

    Short answer - yes.

    Here's how it works: Data initially syncs from the PC to DejaOffice using CompanionLink's USB sync. DejaOffice then has the ability to either keep that data separate, or integrate with the native Android contacts and calendar databases. The native Android contacts/calendar databases are further divided into multiple subaccounts - most Android phones have a "Phone" account (for local contacts/calendar storage) and a "Google" account (contacts and calendar that sync with Google). In DejaOffice, under Settings > Sync Settings, you can specify which Android account DejaOffice should sync with. If you enable DejaOffice to sync with the Google account within the native Android database, then any contacts and calendar that you sync in from the PC will appear in DejaOffice, in the native Android contacts and calendar apps, and also within your Google account.

    Does this make sense? I think we need a diagram.

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    Question No "phone" acount on Samsung Galaxy

    There is no "phone" account on Samsung Galaxy Andriod 2.1 after installation on a "Google" Account for contacts and then there is no possibility to create groups in contacts.

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    in the support video http://www.companionlink.com/support...droid-usb.html - Minute 3:38, the HTC phone shows 4 connect options:
    1. HTC sync, 2. Charge Only, 3 and 4 barely readable and recommends "Charge only"
    the video refers to http://www.companionlink.com/support/ for suitable options for other phones than HTC, but: I could not find any related info to this topic browsing the site

    the USB options for Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S are the following:
    1 Samsung Kies
    2 Media Player
    3 Mass Storage
    4 PC-Internet
    5 ask on connection

    there is no "charge only" mode as mentioned in the video

    I used "mass storage" with the following popups (and questions):

    Mobile: "Wait for the PC to finish syncing, then disconnect the USB cable. (with OK button)"
    PC: Windows Explorer for drive F and G would show up and without action disappear
    after a while (when working) a finished message appears

    my questions:
    is mass storage the correct setting?
    is it intended (or unavoidable) that windows explorer for F and G appear?
    when removing the mobile from USB: do I have to use the "securely remove hardware" functionality first or simply unplug the cable?

    when simply unplugging the cable, messages on the phone appear like "sync not successful"
    - even after the message appeared "sync is finished" -> this is confusing - what happened?
    (could it be that I did not unplug fast enough and a second sync started, but the first sync was successful, while the second one did not finish?)

    anyway: frustrating is that "purge and reload" for contacts did not purge the contacts on the mobile ... :-(

    I hope by the end of the evaluation period, I will be successful with syncronizing my Palm Desktop 6.2 contacts with Galaxy S ... :-)

    for trial purposes, I set up a separate Palm Desktop user with a dummy entry in contacts so I can see what happens without touching my real contact data before making shure nothing unexpected happens ...

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    I just got a samsung Facinate from verison wireless. I had a palm treo. I DO NOT wish to change all my calandar and contacts to google. How do I use deja office to sync with outlook and use both my phone and home pc for outlook?

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    have the Epic 4G (Samsung Galazy S) and tried USB syncing twice both ways---with Mass Storage Mode and once choosing Charging mode----still not syncing BACK to the Palm Desktop. I have an issue with the phone not receiving texted pics (MMS?) and am afraid to take it to Sprint since if they give me another new phone---I am not "backed up" to my PC with DejaOffice.


    PS: Does DJO back up the data to the internal SD card? If so then could I then put DJO into the new phone and "RESTORE" the data from the card???

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    DejaOffice data is on the SD Card. It is in "usb/companionlink.db" which is a sqlite file. You can easily copy this off, and restore onto another phone. This is ONLY data records in DejaOffice and not Android Contacts or Android Calendar. Pictures may be stored separately.

    If you get a new phone, transferring the SD card will preserve all the DejaOffice data.

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