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There a re a number of ways to use CompanionLink SW to sync with DejaOffice on your Android Phone.
Specifically bypassing Google is a popular method with our customers.
I would refer to the setup guides, please post a specific question if you run into problems.
Hi Everyone,

We have a new Android build that addresses some of the issues presented in this thread.

It is a new BETA update to DejaOffice for Android, v1.10.9. This is only available at www.dejaoffice.com/androidapp.

DejaOffice v1.10.9
-added USB sync support for Samsung Epic 4G devices updated to Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
-DejaCalendar and DejaTasks now allow searching records when linking contacts
-new tasks now default to no due date vs today's date
-fixed multiple issues with tablet mode crashing in various screens (DejaCalendar edits, DejaToday, and DejaExpenses)
-fixed an issue where the date picker in tablet mode did not display the full month
-fixed an issue in tablet mode where contacts did not display in business/micro modes
-fixed an issue where DJOA would crash after removing a task due date
-fixed an issue where the default alarm date picker could be set for 12/31/1969
-fixed an issue where non-recurring tasks would not sync via Wi-Fi or CLSH
-fixed an issue in tablet mode where default alarm times were not set