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Thread: Wifi sycn speed on a re-read of Android data

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    Wifi sycn speed on a re-read of Android data

    Hi, having just replaced my PC i decided to give the Wifi sync a go. I had used it a year or more ago but found it a bit flaky back then. Been using Usb direct no problem since.

    Having got Outlook 2003 fully up (Windows 7 Pro & CompanionLink 5072) with all my data imported from my old Outlook i gave it a go. This was with 2.2.11 on my Galaxy Note.

    It worked with no errors & only about 20 duplication of events, all annual recurring ones so no problem to clean up - good result really.

    The only issue is that when doing a full read over Wifi, which it obviously did first time, it seems to run at about 1 record per second. Now as i don't delete data i have some 6,500 calender records. Is that speed correct or do i have an issue?

    I havn't tried going back to Usb but i suspect it will be much faster as it always has been.

    Anyway having done that i thought i would move Deja up to 2.5.5 which went straight through & looks great. Of course it is now doing another full sync so i have a couple of hours to waste LOL.

    By the way it did say as i had deleted 6,500 records did i want to delete them from Outlook on the first sync to 2.5.5 so i just said no which left them all ok. Glad i have that set to manual! On the second sync it has started the full read which makes sense.

    Thanks, Paul (need to update my sig)
    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy A9 (2018) SM-A920F with Android 8.0.0
    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy Tab S2 TM-810 (32GB) with Android 7.0
    Companionlink 5.0 Build 5072 with Outlook 2003 Sp3 on Win 7 Pro Sp1
    Now syncing Via DejaCloud

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    The first time involves an internal deduplication, which is really dog-slow on the Android side. I think it's that the memory/processor/mysql is just slow doing all the lookups.

    Once you are in sync, it should be much faster. Figuring 200 working days a year, 5 appointments a day, you must have 6 or more years of back Calendar information. This will take a lot of time to get into place.

    The resync time should be fast. Please keep me posted on this.

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