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Ok guys, I need your help.

I can understand you want the week view with seven days in 1) a 2x6 format, or maybe 2) a 2x8 format with a month view calendar in the 8th slot.

Can you tell me why?

a) Hook says: gives you fast situational awareness on your week and then you can drill down if you need to.

I get this. The assumption here is that you usually have 6 or fewer items per day, because more would be offscreen. Is this a correct assumption?

1. Does anyone else have anything to say here.

2. Does anyone have an opinion on the day format Right/Left/Top/down ? Obviously Monday is in the first slot. Should Tuesday be to the right of it, or under it?

Thanks all for your help. I'm pondering whether we will do just one of these, or maybe a couple different ones with a selector for various people's thoughts...
Yes, it works best if you have fewer appointments. 6 is a good upper limit I think. You can also use a symbol to indicate there are more than are showing (Outlook uses this in it's monthly view), which would send you to a daily or or weekly plus time-scale view). Obviously, someone who is scheduling 15 minute appointments all day is not going to use this view.

I suspect it would be best if horizontal (Tuesday top right) or vertical (Tuesday under Monday on left) organization were selectable as I think different folks are used to one way or another from other products. I personally prefer horizontal.