I'm on a limited data plan and so I'd like a way to ensure that DJO is only trying to sync with DejaCloud when I want it to. I've thought of a few different ways this could be achieved (and it possible that one them is already implemented):
  1. Only try to sync with DejaCloud if the OS setting of AutoSync is enabled. This might actually be how DJO already works, but if so I'd appreciate having a confirmation from someone at DJO. Currently I usually leave AutoSync disabled unless I really want stuff to sync over my mobile connection or if I'm connected to one of my trusted Wifi networks (eg, at home or office).
  2. Only try to sync when connected over Wifi. This can further be improved by allowing for setting it to only sync when connected to specific Wifi networks (Dropsync recently added a feature like this).

My preference is actually for #1 as it is the easiest to manage. But I can work with #2 if that is what ends up implemented.

Also, with each of the above it should still be possible to manually trigger a sync if the user wants to.

Thanks for your consideration!