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Thread: New birthdays not appearing in DejaCalendar

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    New birthdays not appearing in DejaCalendar

    I noted something recently, which I think worked "correctly" before, but I'm not sure if it was always like this.

    I add a birthday to a DejaContact in my Android but it doesn't appear in DejaToday. I thought it could be related to some refreshing, but... surprise... it is neither in my DejaCalendar.

    Is this the normal behavior? Wouldn't it make sense to update DejaToday and DejaCalendar when a birthday is entered into a DejaContact?


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    Mr. Campos,

    Adding a Birthday to a Contact record, is a field to show the birthday. It does not impact the Calendar.

    To add to the Calendar just add using the "+" Sign.

    In Outlook, if you add to a Contact, it also creates a Calendar event.
    Some Android programs also do this.

    However, the auto-Birthday commonly causes a lot of duplicates in a sync environment. For the time being, if you use Outlook, it will do the job. If you do not use Outlook you will need to add it manually to the Calendar.

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