DejaOffice 1.6.2 is now available in the Android Market and at This update consists of all 1.6.x updates and brings 1.6 out of beta. The full release notes can see seen below.

*If any users have experienced loss of data or merged data in past releases this release will most likely correct the problem in DejaOffice and on the PC.
*Contacts will still appear merged in the native contact list. The flag we set to un-merge gets overwritten by the DROID X OS. Currently the only work around is to select the Contacts, go to Menu, then Unlink.

FROYO-Android OS 2.2 USERS:
*Anyone using an Android device with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) will need this release because previous builds did not automatically mount the SD card.

DejaOffice v.1.6.2
*Improved calendar view loading times
*fixed an issue where task alarms would not ring if there were multiple alarms pending

DejaOffice v1.6.1
*changed task due date sort order to include no due dates at the end
*fixed an issue where DejaNotes would sometimes crash adding a new note
*fixed an issue where modifying recurring events in DJO would not sync to PC
*fixed an issue where default task priorities were set to high
*fixed issues with sort orders in list views sorting capitalized and international characters incorrectly
*fixed an issue where the recurring pattern first/last weekday/weekend day of the month/year would sync incorrectly
*fixed an issue where recurring events starting prior to Mar 14 would sync an hour ahead
*fixed an issue with Droid X where contacts data could be lost or merged

DejaOffice v1.6.0
*added the ability to add/create/edit recurring events within DejaOffice
*added account selection options when syncing with the native Android apps
*added Android OS 2.2 (aka "Froyo") automatic mounting support
*Improved native contact/calendar sync speed
*Fixed an issue where disabling contacts/calendar syncing on the PC would disabled sync b/w DJO and native apps
*Fixed an issue where email addresses wouldnt sync from the native contacts app
*Fixed and issue where the website field would sync incorrectly
*fixed an issue where task alarms synced from the PC would not ring
*fixed an issue where all day annual recurring events synced one day early to the native calendar