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Thread: DejaCalendar Not Syncing with Outlook 2010

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    DejaCalendar Not Syncing with Outlook 2010

    I just downloaded DejaOffice for my Windows Phone 8X by HTC phone. I have Outlook 2010 on my desktop, and have downloaded CompanionLink to my desktop. I am syncing through a USB cable. Contacts (and I have a lot of them) have downloaded to DejaContacts, but my Outlook calendar has not. Any suggestions or cures, or am I just missing something?

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    Geraitt, welcome to the forum!

    1. Are you looking in DejaCalendar? Our default configuration does NOT send data to Android Calendar, because Android Calendar is not compatible with Outlook.

    2. On the PC do you get a count of Calendar Records?
    a. If so, then the records definitely are in DejaOffice. It's just a matter of viewing them.
    b. If no count on the PC that means nothing was read. In this case, check the configuration carefully to be sure the correct Outlook Folder is specified. It is common to accidentally specify a folder you are not using, which is empty, rather than a folder you use.

    In Outlook, check your Mailbox names. If you have two mailboxes with the same name (Personal Folders) then it is ambiguous which one CompanionLink will sync from. The solution is to rename one of them to a diffferent name, so you have only one mailbox by each name.

    I hope this info helps.

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