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Thread: Feature request: Allow multiple methods of sync to be selected

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    Feature request: Allow multiple methods of sync to be selected

    I'd like to see a sequential list of sync methods with the software trying one then the next and the next. Include in that list a date/time when it last worked. And I choose the sequence the software tries to synch.

    So in my case I'd like to see WiFi first, then USB. (Actually I'd like to see Bluetooth first if I ever get it working.)

    The reason being that WiFi works well when I'm at home but not when at the office or when traveling. And I don't need to pull a USB cable so it's a little simpler to get it going as I don't have to plug in anything.

    But if I have manually change both the Android device and the Windows device to use USB while not at home I get the two different USB methods a bit mixed up as one is not named identically

    And then when I get back home I have to put in the Android devices IP address which is a bit annoying. At least I've fixed the IP address in my router so it doesn't move around on me from sync to sync.

    And yes you'd have to change both the Windows and the Android app and probably other versions too to be consistent. But it would save me some irritation.

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    Have you considered just switching to DejaCloud sync? It's always available.

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    DJOCTO, another solution might be to add profiles to Deja Office that could be used with any version of Companion Link that has profiles. For example, if DJO had profiles and Tony upgraded to CL Express, he could set up a home and work profile and would use each profile at a different location, saving having to ever re-enter the information. Would that work?
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    DJOCTO I will never, ever ever choose a cloud service for my personal info such as contacts and schedule. Not with the exceedingly paranoid behavior of the US government. Now if you could guarantee that the server was located in Canada or the EU with their better privacy rules which require a judge's warrant then I'd think about it.

    And now I can't get WiFi synch to work even though it was working yesterday. Bluetooth has never worked and last time I tried USB wasn't working. <sigh>

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