This builds on another request related to adding custom commands to the Header and Footer:

1) In my use of the Calendar I often am switching between looking at the current week and either 2 weeks away or 4 weeks away. The existing sliding functionality of the Calendar is pretty nifty, but I find that I accidentally end up moving it too far sometimes and then I don't know which week I'm on. So having actual arrow buttons in the Footer would enable me to be more precise (ie, I know I tapped 2x and saw it move exactly 2 weeks). Is there an existing setting to display navigation arrows in the Calendar that perhaps I'm just overlooking?

I'm going to start using the feature of displaying the Week # which will help some when I accidentally scroll faster than I meant to.

2) A further enhancement on having navigation arrows would be the ability to create custom navigation arrows that will jump forward or backwards in time on user-defined intervals. For my purposes, being able to quickly jump forward and backward on 2 week intervals would be pretty handy for me. And if I can spare the space for icons (which I might, after we get the ability to customize which icons are displayed) I might even want to have arrows for also jumping forward and backward on 4 week intervals as well.

As always, thanks for your consideration of my ideas!