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    Post DejaOffice for Android - General release schedule

    Update March 2014:

    DejaOffice for Android 2.5.9 - Current release - lots of updates and feature requests here

    DejaOffice for Android 3.1 - Next release

    1. Revised Alarm system to use notifications. Android has introduce active notifications and the ability to put options (snooze dismiss) in the notification bar. We want to switch to this system rather than the current popup. Also see if we can tie elegantly into Google Now.

    2. New widgets - Need to revamp Calendar 4x4 (resizable) widget to scroll. Add a month view widget. Support lock screen widgets.

    3. Templates - Create templates by making an appointment or contact, or task and adding to the Template category. Whenever you add a new Contact, Event, or Task you will be prompted for Blank, or use your existing template. The template can fill in key details so you don't have to re-enter them. Make a "Business Appointment" template that fills in business category, location and note. Make a "Time with kids" template with a completely different set of defaults.

    4. Left side menu - quickly move from app to app

    5. Adjust fonts look and feel

    6. Alarm list - see your alarms as an "App"

    DejaOffice for Android - Future

    3. Voice command system - Ability to "dictate" task lists, add voice notes, and voice-dial contacts. This is a big system and will be pulling into place through the first half of 2014. This will first be released as a separate App called DejaVoice. Once that is out, this will be combined with DejaOffice

    4. Google Glass integration - when Google Glass comes out. Right now we are seeing Google Glass as a notification and input system that relies on the phone for data.

    Finally, outside of DejaOffice Android, other development includes

    DejaCloud Sync - DejaOffice CRM Live - "Connectors" now pull data live from Google (Dec 2013), Outlook 365, Salesforce and Infusionsoft. iCloud coming soon. So DJOL will be a central hub for other online cloud systems.

    DejaCloud Sync - Connect accounts under a group name, so you can see and schedule group calendars and group resources.

    DejaVoice, DejaTranslate - Separate apps for Dictation and translation.

    We are pretty excited right now about the voice command system (DJVA/DJVI) and Google Glass integration giving us a bit of a boost in Spring 2014 to keep our system on the leading edge.

    Feedback is welcome. I'll be updating this post frequently. Posted as sticky. Last update March 30, 2014

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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