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Thread: CompanionLink sync calendar,contact,notes with Outlook over USB?

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    CompanionLink sync calendar,contact,notes with Outlook over USB?

    For years, I've been wrestling with the choice of what to migrate to from my hobbly 1st generation iPod Touch. A replacement for my cellphone and the Touch, augmented with a data plan. I am not specifically a fan of the Apple design philosophy, nor the security model of Android, but I will go those routes if necessary. I have modest no-nonsense requirements in terms of apps -- to securely and efficiently organize my info and priorities, not gaming distractions.

    The advent of Blackberry 10 was a huge relief. However, I've been reading about the wrinkle with nonwireless 2-way syncing with Outlook, encompassing calendar, contacts, and notes. The latest rumours I've found online about the ETA is end of 2013, and I'm not sure how much uncertainty there is in that forecast. Consequently, I decided to explore the option of buying CompanionLink. Can anyone who has gone with the CompanionLink solution please share their anecdote of how well it works? Anything that you consider worthwhile, as I may not be able to anticipate all the potentially significant points.

    A particular behaviour that I'm hoping won't be in CompanionLink is what I experienced in syncing between Outlook and the iPod Touch via the iTunes app on the PC. If an item (e.g. a note) changed both on Outlook on the PC and on the device, the user must choose which one is the correct one, and must make this choice on the fly. If the conflicted item contained a lot of information, it would be hard to make the comparison on the fly. The correct way to handle this would be to allow the user to choose that both versions of the item kept, effectively yielding two instances of the item. The user can then use text comparison tools to reconcile the two versions e.g. vim, diff, Word, etc. Palm replicated conflicted items, but they've been out of the picture for a long time.

    Thanks for any anecdotes on CompanionLink. And if anyone can point to past examples of a mobile device platform vendor changing hands, an the fate of the platforms, thanks for sharing that, too. It is an overwhelming factor in how I decide to go forward.

    By the way, does anyone know what the deal with the CompanionLink forum is? has been unavailable for the last week. And a device graybeard pointed me here rather than than to ask about CompanionLink.

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    CompanionLink forum is not available. Please use DejaOffice Forums for now.

    CompanionLink has a two week free trial.

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